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Congratulations to Doreen Lettieri, Owner of Horse Lover's Haven

Doreen has become a Member of the Grand Meadows VIP Sponsorship Program

This program permits Doreen to sell and pass on a Huge Savings of 15% off retail.

Major $$$ Savings in you pocket, higher quality ingredients for your Horse!

 Available to all boarders, trainers and clients purchasing Grand Premium Plus or any other products in the Grand Meadows Product line

Simply contact Doreen, order on-line, or call Grand Meadows
@ 800-255-2962, using her code 2073, for the incredible 15% discount.

Grand Meadows is proud and pleased to introduce our new product: Grand Premium Plus. This product represents the culmination of years of evolution in the supplement marketplace and for the first time offers the most comprehensive supplement available at an incredibly affordable price. Grand Premium Plus has been developed to provide maximum support for the joints, hooves, coat, immune system, digestive system and also provides a complete multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid formula. For the first time horse-owners can have confidence that all potential nutritional deficiencies are being addressed with one product, removing the need for multiple supplements and the associated high costs.

Take a look at the Grand Meadows comparison chart for the Grand Premium Plus verses other supplements. See for yourself; @

Grand Meadows has long been recognized as a leading brand in the very saturated and competitive US equine supplement marketplace. From being the first company to introduce a glucosamine based joint support product back in the 1980’s, to our being a founding member and Director of the National Animal Supplement Council
Grand Meadows has a history of transparency and accountability in an industry that often falls short in those areas.

If you are interested in purchasing & receiving a 15% discount off retail, using her code, 2073 please contact Doreen Lettieri @ 714-231-5251
or call Grand Meadows 800-255-2962

Samples upon request.


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