Basic Services per session
Turn Out $5
Hand Walk $10
Lungeing $15


Additional Services available;
Hoof cleaning $4

Light Brushing $4
Light Brushing & Hoof Cleaning $7
Full Grooming [Mane, Tail, Body and Hoofs] $15
Shavings $3/per bag [Open and Spread]

Full Day Care Weekly & Vacation:
Daily Well Care Check, Feeding, Supplements, and Grooming. Choice of one service one time a day: lungeing, hand walk, or turn out.
Full day care: 1 day a week $17
Full day care: 3 days a week $45
Full day care: 4 days a week $58

Full day care: 5 days a week $70

Feeding On Occasion
Supplements $2 per service pre-bagged. Not pre-bagged $1.additional.
Hay $2 per service. Hay placed in a Hay Bay $2.50.

Rinse, water only, sweat scrape $9
Shampoo, sweat scrape $20

$5 more if HLH supplies grooming products.

Muzzle, bridle path, feathers $20

Emergency Service:
In your absence, I am available to be present with your vet for emergency calls.
Monday-Friday before 4pm. $30/first 30 minutes.
$15 per ¼ increments thereafter. After 4pm to 8pm $45 up to 30 minutes. $22 every ¼ hr.

Medical Care Follow Up - I also offer follow-up medical care prescribed by your vet.
Quote will depend on the extent of care. $10 & up - Options include: hosing, wrapping, walking, oral medicine, wound and medical treatment, etc...

Regular well care scheduled and follow-up appointments with Vet or Farrier
Monday - Friday up to 4pm $20/first 30 min.
$15 per ¼hr. increments thereafter.


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