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Have you ever been in a situation where you want to go on vacation, a business trip or just can't get away from work during the day to take care of your horses needs, but you just cannot trust anyone to take care of your horse? Or how about an injury that requires more care than your schedule would allow! There are now equine daycare providers that can help any horse owner with these daily tasks, from daily supplementing to injury care. Daycare services can help any horse owner with making sure your horse receives the quality care your horse deserves while you are away. These services prove to be very valuable to your horse's regular routine care providing services when you just cannot be there to administer them yourself.

Established in 2007, Horse Lovers Haven Day Care, a licensed and insured a la carte style daycare was located in Huntington Central Equestrian Center. Inspiration came when Doreen Lettieri saw that there was a need for trustworthy all around daycare that even takes care of all the little things such as feeding supplements to major issues such as the care after an injury. Horse Lovers Haven Daycare also offers several services including hauling horses to and from clinics, horse shows, vet offices, or trail rides. Being an a la carte style business, the services offered would fit into any budget. A daycare service, like Horse Lovers Haven Daycare, takes away the worries of quality horse care in today's society when we are constantly on the go. Horse Lover's Haven Daycare can either take care of your horse at your location or can accommodate your needs at their location.

Take the worries out of horse ownership and a hectic schedule. Emergency and after hours care, is always available.





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